Tips on finding new and rare teas

1 09 2008

If you are a hardcore tea seeker and collector like me you will be on the lookout just about everywhere. A tea shop or a tea house is quite an obvious place to find good quality tea, but there are other places where you can find interesting teas.

Grocery stores and supermarkets often offer a dull selection, but sometimes you can find something special. Not all grocery stores are the same. I find that certain grocery chains have a wide selection of imported products from all over the world like for example Piotr i Pawel in Warsaw. There I found Tea Forte and Eden Grove, but they have much more to offer.

In Stockholm stores like Granit and Lagerhausthat offer interior decoration, cosmetics, bathroom and kitchen gadgets also happen to offer spices, some gourmet food and their own tea blends! Usually it’s not a wide selection (I think in Granit I saw 2 or 3 different teas) but it’s defiantly worth checking out.

Another place to look are asian markets and asian food stores. There you can find original, imported Chinese and Japanese teas (often jasmine tea, blooming tea, pu-eh, green ginger tea).

Delicacy food halls that have different stands with fresh fish, gourmet cheeses, pasta, sauces etc. almost always have a tea/coffee/chocolate stand. Usually they have a very rich selection, as those stands are almost like a tea store. 

Once I found tea in a store with tourist souvenirs, so i wouldn’t hesitate to look in places like that. I can imagine that in Japan tourist shops is the place to go if you want to buy tea (especially gift-packaged).

Not to mention that you can buy a lot of teas online, however that takes away from the satisfaction of finding them yourself. It’s a good way to aquire the teas you can’t find in your area. Well then, heppy tea-hunting.




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