Riga Food 2008 Trade Event

4 09 2008

 Yesterday the Riga Food 2008 Indusry event in Kipsala started, with exhibitors from most baltic and scandivaian countires (altogether 25 different countries). On the lookout for tea, I found some new, interesting tea-brands which I thought I could mention here.

 Pokainu Marta’s Tea – http://www.teahouse.lv/ seems to be a new brand, that focuses on herbal teas. What I like about this brand, all the details of the design and style were taken care of and thought through. I was recommened the Relaxation Tea (majoran, meadowsweet blossoms, peppermint, valerian roots, camomile) and I have to say that it was probably the best herbal tea I’ve had so far. With my purchase I also got a ‘Tea Newspaper’ with some tea tips and a little tale about how the tea came to be and a card with a christmas tea sample.


Other brands present at the fair worth mentioning were http://www.espressonams.lv/ and http://www.forsmantee.fi/. Forsmantee is a Finish brand and it has a very wide selection of interesting blends.

Related links – http://www.rigafood.com/




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