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15 09 2008

Products  7
Decor       10
Service     5

Apsara Teahouse is located in the very centre of Riga, in a park, looking over the water. It’s a wooden, oriental-style house in the middle of a grass field. Although it’s in the middle of the city the surroundings make an impressive, but calming setting for the tea house. This makes Apsara a very unique place – something I’d would like to see in every city. The interior has a more middle-eastern feel. Downstairs there are a few table, but the place where you really want to be is the upper level where the floor is filled with comfortable cushions. It’s very cosy and all the sitting places are directed outwards, so you can look at the park and observe everything around.

As for the tea selection – they have a wide variety of loose leaf teas kept in small glass jars with cork seals. Unfortunately all the labels on the jars are mostly in Latvian. I’ve tried various teas there, mainly white and green like Silver Needle and  Jasmine Pearl there and they were decent. With those you get a whole thermos of water, which is something that I love about this place. You can drink and drink and it allows you to enjoy the stay for longer without being thirsty or having to ask the waiters for a refill. I would defiantly like to see more pastry and cakes at this place and the service to be more communicative. Apart from that Apsara is a great place to relax in the middle of a busy day.


Address – Vermanes garden, Terbatas iela 2, Riga

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One response

6 08 2010
Geoffrey Tomkins

I have been to this tea house several times when I lived in Riga. The upstairs is cool, with large multi-coloured cushions spaced out on the floor to sit, and look out of the windows

I have fond memories of this place. Just far away enough from the Old Town as not to be a tourist attraction too much! :)

Very popular upstairs with students studying.


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