Edible Monkey Picked Tea

1 10 2008

Are you looking for something more exciting then just regular, boring tea to entertain your guests at the upcoming tea party? If so, then this is something for you – Monkey Picked Tea by Edible. Yes, the brand states that this wild growing tea is picked by monkeys in areas difficult to access by humans. The legend says that the highest quality Chinese teas were actually picked by trained monkeys a long time ago, thus the name – Monkey Picked Teas. There is no way of proving if this is really true. Those high quality teas have been later replanted from high elevated ares to areas that are easy to access for people.

You can pick this tea up in Selfridges on Oxford Street if you live in London, perhaps along with some Chocolate Covered Giant Ants or Thai Curry Crickets to snack on also by Edible.

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