What is Organic Tea

1 10 2008

What is organic tea and is it worth buying?

You can find a lot of tea that is marked organic nowadays. The organic tea variations have been grown without use of chemical pesticides and other chemical/harmful substances. The soil is fertilized with natural compost producing tea of superior quality and higher antioxidant concentration. This makes organic tea more beneficial to our health. If the health benefits are the main reason why you drink tea, then it’s defiantly worth to spend some more money on organic tea. Without the use of chemical fertilizers the lifespan of tea plants is longer and healthier, thus less time and money has to be invested in replanting.  

How do you know that an organic tea is really organic?

Organic teas are usually more expensive then other teas, due to their production process being more labor-intensive and the production scale being smaller. Some tea can be wrongfully marked as organic, so that the producer can charge more for it. To avoid buying teas like that there are a few organizations that can certify if the tea is in fact organic (e.g. Faritriade, Organic Trade Association). Here is a list of other organic certifiers. Also, if you have tasted many teas before, you’ll be able to tell the quality of the tea and whether it’s organic by simply tasting it.

Fairtrade and organic

While looking at organic teas it’s very likely that you’ll come across the term ‘fairtrade tea’. Fairtrade teas are usually bought from from smaller estates. Fairtrade is a guarantee that the workers have been paid a fair amount of money for their products, work in safe conditions and have received other benefits. Almost a 100% of Fairtrade certified teas are also organic teas because the organization promotes non-chemical farming, both to protect the health of workers, the environment and to deliver safer quality products. Fairtrade organization helps to develop and support the tea worker communities and their living standards. The communities are paid the Fairtrade premium by tea importers for every kilo they purchase – this money finances health care, education and other needs.

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