We can dress up chihuahuas, why not dress up our tea pots?

17 10 2008

I came across an interesting teaware product. Eva Solo Teamaker has not only a practical, slick design, but can also be used for two methods of brewing tea, one for brewing tea with tannin and one without tannin. You can put the leaves directly in the pot and let them steep the whole time without taking them out, because the lid will strain them off. You can also put the leases into the filter and after desired amount of time you press the plunger to stop the brewing process. It comes with a neoprene, zip-up jacket available in 3 colors to keep the tea warm. I’m not surprised that this is an award winning tea-maker!

Unfortunately despite it being pleasant to the eye, many people declared it useless for tea brewing, as the brewing precess never stops. The plunger does not keep the essence away as stated and it leeks out, causing the tea to become more bitter until undrinkable.

Price-tag for this little baby – 100$ and up (Amazon). Being a sucker for nice looking things, I was tempted to buy this at first, but after reading several buyer reviews which revealed it’s dark side, I think I’ll pass.


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One response

17 10 2008

I understand your temptation… it is adorable! Especially the “body glove”. Thank goodness for consumer reviews – $100 bucks is a lot to pay if it doesn’t brew amazing tasting tea.

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