Farewell sleepless nights!

21 10 2008

Green tea pillows can be the organic substitue to yor regular pillows or a fancy gadget for a tea-lover. The idea behind tea pillows is that they aid your sleep and make you feel more relaxed when you inhale the soothing fregrance of the leaves.  These pillows are stuffed entirely with tea leaves. They are even said to improve eyesight, calm the nerves and harmonize your body! Nevertheless, due to tea’s bacteria-fighting properties these pillows are also allergy friendly.

I’ve been browsing green tea pillows for the last couple of days and any the nicest I’ve found were from TeaGW. They are very stylish with pretty textile designs. Below you can see the Jasmine and Green Tea Pillows.




2 responses

21 10 2008

What a unique idea! I have never heard of tea pillows. Is this something new or am I sorely behind the times?

I really like the fact that they are allergy friendly. My whole family, except me, suffers from allergies. Perhaps they should drink more tea?

21 10 2008

You know, it’s really hard to find any kind of “real” information on these, because of all the stores that praise them to sell them. Apparently sleeping on tea pillows is a traditional, Chinese practice, but i couldn’t find and historical facts or proof. But the “commercial” pillows have been around for a while.

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