Whittard of Chelsea Canterbury | Tea Shop Review

27 10 2008

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Decor      6
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In cantebury I have found one of the many Whittard of Chelsea shops scattered around England. Whittard of Chelsea is the most known tea company in England, established in 1886 as a tea trade company on London’s Fleet Street. Since then it has been expanding nationwide.

This particular shop is cosy, very appropriate – with it’s small town vibe and it’s cute and colorful wooden shelves packed with nicely laid out and organized products. On the shelves there are samples of the tea and you’re free to smell them and see if you like it, which is nice because not many stores do that. This doesn’t require you to feel annoyed with yourself for ask the seller for every single tea you’d like to smell and look at. Very convenient. It offered pretty much the standard Whittard of Chelsea product range (except for tea, also coffee, teaware, sweets and coffee makers) including classic English teas – earl grey, afternoon blends, English breakfast, specialist and flavored black and green tea.

I like that Whittard of Chelsea sells Teaposy blooming teas – this is where I have purchased my first pack. They also have Teaposy teaware – glass pot with glass infuser, perfect for brewing and observing blooming teas and small tea cups with saucers. Whittard makes excellent instant teas, but unfortunatly they are not offered in this store.

As for the quality of Whittard teas, it’s hard for me to tell at the moment. Of the loose leaf thes I have only tried The Green Peach so far and I thought it was ok. I’ve also had the Dreamtime instant tea and that was really excellent! I’m looking forward to trying more and seeing what I think about it generally.

This store was closed down January 2009

Adress – 23 High Street, Canterbury, Kent

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2 responses

27 10 2008

Looks like a rather nice English tea place!

Have you seen the artist Ellie Harrison’s Tea Blog project? http://www.ellieharrison.com/index.php?pagecolor=2&pageId=menu-internet

28 10 2008

Ha ha! i would be surprised if you haven’t been in one of those yet!

I have, it’s interesting, but very different, more personal, less about tea ;)

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