T-Buddy – Two in one teamaker

28 10 2008

Tzu The T-Buddy is a portable crossover between a tea mug and a pot with a built-in infuser for brewing loose leaf teas or coffee. Among the offerend features are air vented pressure relief lid, temperature resistance up to 137°C thanks to the polycarbonate it’s made of and a carrying strap which you attach to the bottle. 

The way T-Buddy functions is that it has two caps – the top, drinking cap and the bottom infuser cap. To brew loose leaf tea in it you first need to flip the bottle and unscrew the infuser cap. You Put the leaves into the infuser, put the bottom cap back on and flip the bottle again. Next, you remove the drinking cap and pour in the water into the bottle. If it’s a tea that doesn’t get bitter, you can just drink it as it is. If you need to remove the leaves, you flip the bottle yet again, unscrew the bottom cap and take and empty out the infuser. You put both back on and voila! You just completed your filpping regimen!

I see a the T-Buddy as a solution for people who absolutley have to have an infuser with them at all times and will look for hot (or cold) water while they are travelling. Altough it is meant to be a portable tea maker, I just don’t see myself going around places with some loose leaf tea and T-buddy in my bag and making it on the go. Why not just brew the tea at home or work and pour it into a normal bottle. Where as it might seem practical and functional at first (and for some it could be) the design is a big minus for me. T-Buddy looks like something that could be used by the military, just in case you’re in a war field and you need a cuppa, no bright colors will reveal your location to the enemy.

I think it’s nice that T-Buddy combines a cup with a pot, but overall, i have a hard time seeing T-buddy making my tea-brewing life more conventiant or easier, so I’ll stick to the good old tea-brewing methods and stay on the ever-ongoing lookout for perfect teaware.

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