Hong Kong-style Milk Tea

12 11 2008

The British rule over Hong Kong has certainly affected and influenced the way Chinese drink tea today as one of the most popular beverages there is the Hong Kong-style milk tea also known as Dai Pai Dong milk tea. This tea is very similar the the Afternoon Tea – it conststs of a bland of black teas, milk and sugar. The major difference is that Hong Knog-style tea uses evaporated milk instead of regular milk and is prepared with loose leaf tea instead of tea bags. The leaves are infused though a sock-shaped cloth which makes the tea smoother and gives in a more intense, full bodied flavor.

The Chinese refer to this tea simply as “Milk Tea” and less commonly as “Silk Stocking Milk Tea” or “Pantyhose Milk Tea” because of the filter’s resemblance to stockings.

In the video below you can see how the same water is being infused though the filter several time to create a a strong and flavorul Hong Kong-style Milk Tea.




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