Guide to Chinese Yellow Tea

24 11 2008

The yellow teas are processed like green teas, but have a longer withering phase. Making yellow tea is an art, unfortunatly many techniques of processing it have been lost, because it’s a complicated and tedious process.

jun-shan-yin-zhenJun Shan Yin Zhen “Silver Needle” is a rare and famous tea from Jun Shan island – also called the king of yellow teas. This is the yellow variation of Silver Needle not to be confused with Bai Hao Yin Zhen. Picked only once a year – the day before Qing Ming festival.

huo-shan-huang-yaHuo Shan Huang Ya– imperial tribute tea that dates back to the Ming dynasty. In dry form it has a shiny appearance and the liquer – a peppery and fresh taste. It is harvested at Mt. Huo. and consists of mostly buds.


Meng Ding Huang Ya – “Mt. Meng Yellow Sprout” is an imperial tribute tea that comes from the peak of Mount Meng, grassy with hint of nutty and sweet fregrance

song-yang-ying-hou-chaSong Yang Ying Hou Cha -“Silver Monkey’s Paw” a rare, hihg quality tea from Zhejiang province produced in limited quantaties. The flavor is subtle, flowery and slightly nutty. It consists of carefully selected and hand-rolled tips.

Da Ye Qing “Big Leaf Green” processed like green tea, but with a slower drying phase (just like most yellow teas), from Guangdong province

Huang Tang – “Yellow Soup” a tea from Zhejiang province

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