How to make tea in a french press

24 11 2008

Most of us have small infusers or other ways of making loose leaf tea for one person. If you need to make a larger amount of tea, but you don’t have any proper tea-brewing device you can make tea in a french press. It can get messy, as the french press is not an ideal solution for brewing loose leaf tea. Why? Because if you’re making green or black tea and you press down the plunger, causing the leaves to go to the bottom the tea continues steeping though the fine sieve. The tea simply gets bitter and undrinkable. So if you’ve bought some expensive tea it will just get spoiled.

This does work for some teas however, like herbal teas, rooibos and white tea, as they don’t get bitter or too over-brewed. For other teas like green/yellow which does get bitter and black that can turn out really strong you can, instead of putting the leaves into the glass directly, put the plunger in first and then the leaves on top of the sieve. When the tea is done after the desired amount of time you just pull out the plunger completely, together with the leaves, which rest on top of the sieve. You could also just pull the leaves out above the water level for re-steeping but there is a big risk that the leaves will come into your tea while pouring. The best way it taking out the plunger and putting it aside and if you want to re-steep you can just put it back in.

It is a fairly good way of making tea and the plus is that you can watch the tea steep through the glass.





3 responses

24 11 2008

Interesting. I’ve never seen or used a french press before. For what reason was it created?

24 11 2008

Normally it’s used for making coffee, it’s quite common actually, at least here in Europe and dates back to mid 19th century. I have 3 at home and they serve well as SOS tea makers ^^

5 02 2009
JoAnne Robinson

GREAT suggestion! Thanks!


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