Albert and Jack’s | Tea House Review

9 12 2008

Products  5
Decor       3
Service     5

Albert & Jack’s is actually a bakery and deli which offers other health food, cheese, tea, coffee, chocolate and lunch products. Located in the northern part of Stockholm, the expensive district – Ostermalm. The interior is very small, not ideal for sitting around and relaxing. There is only a few seats and people who come in and out all the time and be frustrating for those sitting down. The inside of this bakery is not decorated to be anything in particular. When I was inside I had a feeling of being in a half-store half-small warehouse – overall rather simplistic.

They have a small selection of teas – about 8, which you can either buy in a bag or drink on spot. Trying to find a tea that had interesting ingredients (all of them have strange names) I picked up Miss Saigon – a green tea with carrot pieces, scented with vanilla and exotic fruits. It cost 35 SEK (a bit more then 3 EUR) which it an ok price for Swedish standards, slightly overpriced otherwise. The tea was fun to try, but it missed a punch or some definition, which makes me wonder what the other teas at Albert & Jack’s are like. The teas here are packed in bags coated in white foil and white, handwritten labels, which I haven’t seen before and I think it’s quite eye-catching. Opening time from 7:00 on weekdays is perfect for getting some breakfast and tea before work. They have a standard breakfast package, which you can also expand ranging from 65 – 85 SEK (6 – 8 EUR). I also noticed that they sell various glasses and the Eva Solo Teamakers

The staff was neither nice or unpleasant, perhaps a bit slow and absentminded. Since I’m looking at this place from the ‘tea-point-of-view’ I can not say much about the quality of food there, as I have not tried it. If you get satisfaction from finding teas that are not available elsewhere Albert & Jack’s will give you just that. It will make you feel like you’ve found something that few other people will have, but I question the quality of the tea itself. 





Address – Engelbrektsgatan 3, Stockholm

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