Did you know

16 12 2008

The four famous Wuyi Mountain Oolong tea bushes that grow on sandy cliffs in mineral-rich soil are

Da Hong Pao
Shui Jin Gui
Tie Luo Han
Bai Ji Guan

These are known to be the sacred bushes and any teas cultivated from those original bushes are called ‘rock teas’ and are said to have miraculous healing properties because of the soil they grow on.




One response

26 09 2014

I did a little experiment and found out that the tea turns blue because the water is alkaline and if you use neutral or slightly acidic water to brew your tea it will be red. I used deionised water in my lab to usually brew my tea and when I wash the cup the residue turned blue as I washed it with regular tap water. I discussed it with a lab mate and we added sodium hydroxide to a cup of tea and it changed from red to blue instantaneously.

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