Cha Cult Infusers

18 12 2008

I have tested two new Cha Cult Tea Egg Tongs tea infusers, one 5 cm and one 6,5 cm in diameter. So far I’ve mostly used the 4,5 cm ones, but after trying the 6,5 in converted. Both infusers are made stainless steel, are very solid and close evenly. The smaller one i very much like the standard 4,5, just a little bigger, nothing spectacular there. When making tea with a big infuser you can really see the leaves floating around freely and expanding fully. This is not only a nice view but also by giving the the leaves enough space to open completely the taste and aroma of tea are much better. As with all the tongs, it’s very easy to dispose of the leaves and they make no mess. I think the big infuser can easily substitute a regular pot, making the brewing process faster and easier. The only possible downside of the 6,5 infuser is that you might not be able to fit it into a glass if it’s very narrow (or into small chinese or japanese cups, which you don’t usually do anyway), but I have tested it with many cups and it was not too big for and of them. Now I’m looking forward to stocking up on those big Cha Cult infusers.

Cha Cult offers a very wide selection of infusers in different sizes and forms, also infusers on a chain and for pots.





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