Dammann Christmas Editions

21 12 2008

In time for Christmas Dammann Freres has released three Christmas Teas. These special teas are loose leaf teas and they come in beautiful, decorative caddies. Tea Blanc is a white tea from China with purple blueberry petals, shades of fruited almonds and cherries, with a dash of spices and ginger. Tea Rouge is ceylon/Chinese teas with notes of orange, pineapple, caramel, maraschino with orange rind and fruit pieces. Tea Vert is a green tea from China with orange rinds and pieces of apple, scanted with vanilla, orange and spices.

I have tried Christmas Tea Blanc and I was blown away by its form and aroma. The white tea leaves are mixed with a large amount of pink petals creating dreamy contrast. Combined with the saturated cherry/sakura aroma it creates perfect harmony. I think is is one of the most beautiful and attractive looking teas I have seen so far. The liquor is of pale yellow color just like other white teas and as fragrant as in dry form. I defiantly want to try the two other teas if I have the chance.

These teas unlike a lot of other Christmas teas or winter teas have unusual ingredients. Instead of the traditional cinnamon-clove-raisin combinations they are more exotic, yet they bring the Christmas spirit with them, which I think is fantastic. You can also buy them in a gift box of three.




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