Into the World of Tea

22 12 2008

This article is very different from anything I have posted on Teatropolitan Times so far, it is also slightly more personal, however, the main topic here is still tea, because that’s what this blog is all about!

Most of us, since we were vert young, have been taught that there are two main options – tea or coffee – either one or the other. Just like there was no depth or dimension to this whole ‘tea or coffee’ affair. If you request a tea, your host is most likely to pop a tea bag into the cup and you get an additional set of options – milk? sugar? And it’s whatever tea bag, because tea is tea and nothing more – that is, unless you have acquired the key to the teaworld. 

It so happens that there is still a lot of people who don’t realize that behind both the tea door and the coffee door there is a vast world of flavors and unique experiences, a lot of knowledge and that tea is not just tea. All you need to do is find a key to open that door – a tea that would change the way you look at this beverage and let you see that one is not equal to the other.

I have to say, frankly I do not remember how my journey into the teaworld started. First there was just the plain tea I’ve known for years (and although it’s always a different tea, somehow it was always the same – tea), then there  was the awkwardness of green tea – a strange and pale yellow liquid “Could that be even called tea?”. On top of everything it’s bitter and is hardly drinkable. At that time green tea was still uncommon, just about to start gaining popularity in the western world. Then there was bam! and a universe of tea was surrounding me and I didn’t quite know how and why it happened, but I knew that I had thousands of teas to choose from and each one would taste different. And I wanted to try them all.

It really is a rewarding experience to step over the line of this tea/coffee stereotype and I’m happy it happened, because it makes you more aware there there is other such worlds out there that you don’t yet have a key to… but I think the hundreds of years of cultivation and traditions is a something that can easily take a lifetime to explore.




2 responses

22 12 2008

I still do not understand why the world of tea has not enjoyed the same success as coffee. I am sure it is only a matter of time before BAM this world comes alive and many people can enjoy its wonders and mystery.

22 12 2008

You can probably imagine that not everyone might be interested in knowing about beverages, but I think it’s been happening for tea quite a lot in the last 2 years, as it has become really popular and hip mainly because of it’s health benefits.

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