The Tea House Covent Garden | Tea Shop Review

29 12 2008

Products  8
Decor       7
Service     5

The Tea House located on a busy, crowded street in Covent Garden attracts a lot of attention of passerby’s with it’s huge, brightly illuminated window stuffed with all kinds of colorful things and gadgets. People stop to admire and stare because it’s hard to take it all in while just walking by. I have to say this is the most enticing shop window I have seen so far in a tea shop. The first thing I noticed after walking in is the overwhelming amount of products on the shelves, but also the crowd of people which makes it had to walk in there. The store has two levels, but there is little walking space, which adds to the cosy and warm vibe, but is also disadvantage.

The bottom level of The Tea House holds more then 100 kinds of teas, including teas form Japan, China, India and traditional English blends. Their brand teas are packed in simple paper bags with different color stickers (depending on tea type), but also in cellophane bags which was quite a disappointment for me to see. It’s nice to be able to see through the packet, sure, but since tea freshness and quality gets affected by the light I was not too fond of seeing that at a place specializing in tea. As for teas of other brands, they have some, but it’s rather a small selection. The prices here are defiantly a plus – good and adequate, anything from 1,5 GBP (1,5 EUR) upwards. Here is where I bought my first Houjicha. On the upper level you will find a big selection of books, pots, cups, English and Chinese style sets and china and all kinds of teaphernalia.

My experience of the service there was ‘cold’, the woman at the counter did her job, but wasn’t especially kind or smiling. The Tea House is a great place, with a few minor things that need improvement and a must see if you are visiting London (even if you’re not particularly obsessive about tea).





Address – 15a Neal Street, Covent Garden, London

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19 04 2009
Lily's Tea shop

Actually paper bags are not perfect for containing tea leaves either. The best way is air-tight foil bags or tins to keep the refreshness of leaf teas.

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