Ginger Tea

8 01 2009

If you like homemade remedies and herbal medicine ginger tea is perfect for fighting colds, flu and improving digestion. It also kills the bacteria in your mouth and throat, thus helps the sore throat. Ginger is a very aromatic and spicy root and the tea you make of it will also have those qualities, so if you don’t like spicy things, you should try to experiment which how much ginger you need for a milder taste. Ginger tea is available to buy in powder-form as a ginger drink, but it’s even easier to make it yourself with fresh ingredients. All you need is ginger root and boiling water, optionally honey and fruit juice.

How to prepare

1. Cut off a a 2 cm piece of ginger from the ginger root and cut it up into thin slices. The thiner the slices the better because it will be easier for the water to penetrate the ginger, as it is quite solid. 

2. Put the slices in a mug and pour over boiling water

3 Optionally you can add honey which makes the tea taste nicer and less harsh. If you’re making ginger tea to fight a cold you can also add fresh lemon juice or otherwise any juice you prefer to add some flavor.




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