Valentine’s Day? – Buy a tea

30 01 2009

So… Valentine’s Day coming up and if love itself does not feel like is enough of a gift you should probably start considering buying…. a tea! I have found some interesting tea ideas for the V day, which could make excellent gifts. I haven’t tried most of them, so I can’t make any specific recommendations on this one.

The first one is White Chocolate Kisses Valentine Tea by Bigelow – a bagged black tea with white chocolate flavor, carob and cinnamon. Sounds very sweet and interesting. Looks a bit ‘cheap’.

Harney & Sons has their own Valentine’s Blend which is also is a chocolate tea (strangely popular with V day) and rosebuds. Looks like a nice and classic gift.

Another tea, which I have actually tried, but was not so fond of is Dammann Pomme d’Amour (Apple of Love). This black tea has additions of cooked apple, maraschino and sunflower petals. The aroma and flavor lacks harmony and definition, drinking this tea was a strange experience for me, but I don’t doubt that is could have its enthusiasts. It’s available in different caddies and also silk teabags, but the one below I think is most appropriate for the occasion.


My last suggestion is Valentines Flavored Tea from Adagio. This cup of true love combines Ceylon black tea and chocolate-dipped strawberry flavor.




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