Sharky Tea Infuser

5 02 2009

Sharky Tea Infuser took 3rd place in the ‘Beyond Sliver’ competition organized by Design Boom. The competition called for modern and functional designs of silverware with a twist. Sharky designed by Pablo Metteoda is exactly that. 

The upper part of the infuser looks like a shark fin and it floats above the water level. The bottom part is simply a classic stainer which holds the tea leaves and lets the infusion steep into the water. To achieve the ‘Jaws effect’ you can infuse a berry tea and just watch the terrifying action happen. This is such a simple design and in a way so obvious that I’m surprised nobody came up with it earlier. 

This is possibly the the most clever and evil tea infuser designed so far, much better then all the house- and heart-shaped inventions, because it truly explores the dark and morbid side of human beings, letting us chreish the bloodthirsty moments in our lives.

Sharky is just a design at the moment but we really hope it will go into production soon.





One response

10 02 2009

a nice design I think, but not sure it leaves enough room for leaves to unfurl and infuse

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