Don’t forget your Tea Bag!

28 02 2009

Have you heard of the TeaCube yet? Well, it’s a strange, little design directed at those who are forgetful and tend to leave their tea bag steeping for eternity. Brought to life by Jieun Yang and Hanah Suh, it is simply as tea timer that will draw the tea bag out of the glass. As on the instuctions below after attaching the bag to a clip and pulling it out the timer will after 3 minutes take the tea bag out. So far it’s just a design, but the important question is, would a gaget like that prove itself in real life? Doubtful, very doubtful. It would almost seem like a better idea to invent a thermosensitive tea bag that leaves your glass once water starts cooling – not. In the world of ‘tea gagets to be’ the Sharky Tea Infuser seems like a far better choice.






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