Making your own Moroccan Mint

2 03 2009

Most of us are already familiar with Moroccan Mint in dry form, often also called Touareg. Touareg is however a special tea drink prepared in African and Arabian countries and has a great significance in the Moroccan culture. It is a sign of hospitality, friendship and tradition,served to guests in a ceremonial way.

In order to prepare Morrocoan Mint Tea Drink you will need Gunpowder (a Chinese green tea of smoky character, rolled into small pellets resembling gunpowder), fresh mint leaves and sugar. Additional flavorings can sometimes be added added, like lemon or ginger for instance. The amounts you use are a matter of individual preference, but as a good rule you should count one teaspoon of Gunpowder per glass. In traditional Moroccan Mint there is quite a lot of sugar added even 5 cubes, so don’t be shy with the sugar, as this drink is meant to be very sweet. Like with all drinks however, you should experiment with ingredients according to individual taste.

How it’s done

  1. Boil some water and pour some into the empty pot, swish the water around, so that the pot gets warm, then pour the water out 
  2. Put the tea, mint leaves and sugar (preferably plain white sugar) directly into the pot or infuser
  3. Let it steep for about 3 minutes
  4. Pour tea into one glass and then pour it back into the pot. You can repeat this several times in order to evenly distribute sugar and flavor
  5. Fill the cups, by pouring the tea from high up. this will create foam on top of the drink
  6. Garnish drink with some mint leaves or a optionally a lemon slice

Traditionally the tea is prepared by the host or hostess who sits in from of a tray with two pots and decorative glasses, as well as the ingredients for the tea. The pots are rinsed with hot water and then tea leaves are added to each pot. The leaves are also rinsed the same way and water is poured out. The host then adds mint and sugar and lets the tea steep for several minutes, after which he stirs the tea making sure that the flavor is evenly mixed.  He then pours the tea simultaneously from both pots from a height of 30 cm or more into the guests’ glasses and fills them halfway. The host adds some more ingredients for the next cups. The second serving is the most famous for its sweetness and intense flavors. The guests should drink at least 3 glasses of Moroccan Mint.






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