Dou Cha (Tea Fight)

11 03 2009

Tea Fight could be something to watch for tea fanatics, although a little bit cheesy and exaggerated at times, it’s a solid, entertaining movie. It’s a recent movie, from 2008 filmed in Japan and Taiwan.


IMDb synopsis – In Sung dynasty, a Japanese man named Yagi… couldn’t take the badgering from the male black tea tribe and ridiculed that the male black tea was not the best tea in the world; causing the two tribes to challenge each other in a “tea fight.” The male black tea tribe massacred the female black tea tribe and burned down the tea farm. A child escaped from the fire and turned into a fire dragon and flew away after drinking a mixture of both male and female black tea. It wasn’t until then that the male black tea tribe realized that they had made a big mistake, thus begins the long journey in search of the female black tea. In 2007, the descendant Yagi stayed away from tea after his wife died in an accident years ago which he believed is the deed of a curse by the black tea. Yagi’s daughter, Mikiko couldn’t take anymore of her father’s dwindling behavior, so she decided to head to Taiwan to look for the legendary black tea after finding a cure for the curse in an ancient book. There’s an “underground tea market” somewhere in Taiwan that sells rare expensive tea from around the world. The owner of the market is Yang who is the heir of the ancient “male black tea tribe.” Mikiko started to fall in love with Yang after being saved by him, what she didn’t know is that she is slowly falling into Yang’s trap. Yagi who came after Mikiko to Taiwan, met Rufa, who is the heir of the ‘female black tea tribe,” during his journey of finding his daughter; like Mikiko, Yagi is also falling into a trap. Each for their own cause, Yagi, Mikiko, Yang, and Rufa are tangled up in a web of love and hate; their quest for the black tea can only take them deeper into the web…




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