D-mug you just gotta have

22 03 2009

Zojirushi has the answer for tea drinkers. This invention is called D-mug, in other words a tea mug with a strainer. With this you can brew your leaves any time and the vaccum insulation ensures that the tea will remain hot (or cold). These things would seem pretty obvious features of a tea mug and not very unique, however there are two special features the mug also offers. Around the steel body of the mug there is a plastic cover, under which you can insert customizable wraps printed form your computer. This means that you can have any color design, text or photo you wish. Additionally there is a secret compartment in the lid where you can keep you tea bags or loose tea.

D-mug has a very clean and simple design and the lid is available in different colors. The stainer is big, with a lot of space for leaves to unfurl and consists  of straining net and plastic. It also has a handle for easy removal. This mug is easy to clean and holds up to 0,36 liters (12 oz.). I think D-mug is a great, competitive option to other products in this category, for example T-Buddy.

D-mug is a new product and will be also displayed at World Tea Expo 2009.





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