How to choose and buy a Tetsubin

22 03 2009

A Tetsubin (Cast Iron Tea Pot) can be quite a pricey investment and it is good to think about how you’ll be using it and what you want it for before buying one. There are many benefits of using a tetsubin, as it can distribute heat evenly and enrich water in iron, thus enhance the way your tea will taste. These are a few things to consider.


  1. Are you going to make the tea only for yourself of for more people? If the tetsubin will be your personal tea pot, it can be small in size and doesn’t necessarily need to have a stainer, because you can put the leaves directly in the pot. If you are going to brew large amounts of tea in it, it’s better to choose a tetsubin with a stainer, because then you will avoid over-brewing the tea if leaves are left in the water for a longer time.
  2. Tetsubins can come either with or without enamel coating on the inside. The uncoated pot will give off extra iron into the water and improves the taste of tea. If the water you are using is already rich in iron or minerals you should buy an enamel coated pot, as the extra iron might negatively affect the taste of tea. The coated pot is however the safest and most popular choice, the enamel will also prevent the pot from rusting.
  3. Check the weight of the pot. Some pots may look like a tetsubin, but they are really made of clay or some other material. A real tetsubin made of cast iron is quite heavy. Also make sure that the pot is not to heavy for you and white trying it out it will weigh even more when there is water inside.
  4. Look at the price. Real, quality tetsubins are usually not cheap. The prices often vary from 40 EUR (50 USD) and can even be as high as 150 EUR (200 USD).
  5. Finally, choose a design that suits you. Tetsubins come in many different styles and colors, with different relief patterns. The decision is yours to make!



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