Tea Butler Illuminated Tea Chests

28 03 2009

Putting teas on display is surely a good thing to do, and so Tea Butler is offering a new and presentable way if doing it – in an Illuminated Tea Chest. This is a product intended for tea businesses or tea rooms/cafes who want to show their available range, but it’s not quite suitable for storing tea. These chests let customers experience the aroma, texture and look of different teas in your selection. The box is made of mahogany hardwood and foam inserts that hold the jars. However, the most important and exciting feature is that the inside lights up with the lid is lifted and the jars as well as the inscription are illuminated. The jars are acrylic, with see-though lids and they can hold about 6 grams of tea. On the plaque there is space for the name of your company and short descriptions of the selection. Tea Butler Chests are only available as custom orders, so the choice of teas and print on the plaque are up to you to decide. At the moment there are 2 variants available – one holding 9 tea samples, like in the picture below and the other for 12 samples of tea.

As a whole it looks very classy and tasteful, most suitable for tea places with that antique english look. The jars draw my attention especially – they have a great shape and look, perfect for exposing the tea with style. The question is, is it all really necessary? If you have a tea shop or tea house with dim lights and a mystic atmosphere I think an illuminated tea chest could be very useful and effective. If you don’t, I would save some money and buy a non-illuminated chest, but with all other features still present which Tea Butler also offers.






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