Pots, pots, pots! | Part 1

5 04 2009

Unique, strange, out-of-ordinary, practical or useful – pots can be described in many ways, some of them are pieces of art that communicate concepts and ideas, others we use in our daily lives, they decorate our kitchens and dining rooms. This the first, out of a series of articles featuring unusual teapot designs.


1 Heart Teapot: Hostage Metamorphosis – by Richard Notkin
Richard Notkin is an American ceramist and the majority of his work consists of tea pots. He uses clay as the material to create his pieces, which are to a great extent inspired by the form, colors and textures of Yixing teapots. The whole series of Heart Teapots depicts and explores the origins of conflict in human culture.

2 Zygo Teapot – by Shaun Redsar
An alienesque looking teapot with a stainless steel sphere in a ceramic frame. Designed to emphasize the ceremonial and meditative values of tea.

3 Mixed Media Teapot – by Madeline Kaczmarczyk
Like something out of Alice’s Tea Party, this unique teapot is made of clay, luster glazed, beads and metal wood. The work of Madaline Kaczmarczyk is carefully handmade with a lot of attention to detail.

4 Teapot 2000 – by Kristina Logan
Made of pate de verre, lampwork glass, fine & sterling silver. Kristina Logan is an independent artist from New Hampshire and she is most famous for her beads, which also visibly influence her teapot designs.

5 Spiky Teapot – by Alex Metcalf
This teapot questions what a teapot can be – by appearing functionless, but being functional and by seeming aggressive, while being delicate.

6 Metal Teapot – by Christopher Dresser
Christopher Dresser was one of Britain’s most talented designers of the 19th century. He is said to be one of the first industrial designers who’s work was mass produced. This is only one of his many innovative teapot designs and they  all have common rigorous and defined forms.

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2 responses

11 12 2009

Hello, my name is kelsie,
Those teapots are so magnificant. I love the creativity in the teapots, especially the Spiky Tepot by Alex Metcalf. Also the Heart Teapot byRichard Notkin. These are great teapots.

7 02 2011
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