Sadaharu Aoki – The Amazing World of Matcha

11 07 2009

The thing that I most regret about my last visit in Paris is not going to one of the three Sadaharu Aoki boutiques. Sadaharu Aoki, the founder of the boutiques and the chef patissier has over the years, mastered the art of creating very unique pastries – with matcha. Matcha is a powdered green tea, mainly consumed in Japan where it’s a part of the Tea Ceremony. At first glance the pastries may look a bit strange with their green color, but for matcha lovers this could be one of the greatest experiences.

Green tea cookies, green tea and chocolate truffles, green tea and milk confiture and green tea eclair and only a few of the amazing things Sadaharu Aoki has to offer. It doesn’t only sound this good, the pastries look beautiful, imaginative and carefully crafted – like something taken out of a cartoon. Of course, tea flavored sweets are not the only sweets created by the patisserie, so if you don’t like green tea there are many others to choose form. They also have a few tea blends on the menu, including their own house blend AOKI.

Since his first atelier opened in 1998, there are already 6 such boutiques in Tokyo and Paris. If you’re anywhere close, do not miss them!



35 rue de Vaugirard

56 boulevard de Port Royal

40 Boulevard Haussemann (Gallery Lafayette)




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