One year of Teatropolitan!

8 08 2009

As we speak The Teatropolitan Times celebrates one year of its growth and activity! In the passed year we’ve had more then 16000 visits. You can find numerous tea-related articles on this site today and there are over 120 tea reviews to read. A big thanks to all companies who have contributed to this collection.

Taking this opportunity, we would like to thank our dear readers – those who spoke their opinions, but also those lurking in the dark. Thanks to our supporters and everyone involved in The Teatropolitan.

With this anniversary there are also new things coming, among them is an account on Twitter. Yes! Now you can follow us here for latest updates about articles and tea news.

This year’s Teatropolitan Tea Awards will also be divided into more categories, instead of just a top 5. We are looking forward to nominating the best teas of 2009!

Teatropolitan will also offer advertising opportunities for tea vendors, if you have any enquiries about this you can email us at There will be a minimum of 4 banner spaces available on the site panel which is visible on every single page of The Teatropolitan! This makes it the ultimate place to promote your company and products. As you may have noticed you can also donate to us, if you want to support this site and help its development, or simply if you appreciate our efforts.




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