No need for a coffee machine when you’re a tea drinker

10 08 2009

This is the first time I have encountered a product that bares even a slight resemblance to a coffee maker both in looks and functionality. I’m speaking about the Zarafina Tea Maker – a tea machine that will brew the tea for you.

There is a infuser basket (not on the photo) where you put tea leaves of choice. This machine has five tea settings, which you change on the side, for green, black, oolong, white and herbal tea. Additional setting are if you are brewing bag tea or loose leaf and you can also choose between a strong, medium and mild brewing. Pretty cool, huh? Once you’re all set, you fill the steeping container with water and push the ‘on’ button. The container holds about 480 ml (16 oz.). When the steeping process is done the tea is dispensed into a ceramic pot and you’re ready to serve the tea. The set includes cups and a serving tray.

I think there are a lot of pulses when it comes to this device – first of all the sea-though container is ideal for tea, you can enjoy looking at the leaves and the infusion changing color inside. Also a big applaud for the simple and clean, yet stylish design. The main concern – is it really necessary? Or is it practical enough for everyday use? I would say it is certainly a great gadget to have when you’re making large amounts of tea often. It is a bit too much work if you’re just making one cup for yourself. It is good to know that you can use tea bags in it, but I don’t see the point of that. A tea bag is already a kind of tea maker in itself, thus you would be just doing additional work and the infusion would taste pretty much the same (as the leaves are still limited to the space in the tea bag). It works excellent with loose leaf tea, because there is a lot of space for the leaves. One thing is for sure, your tea will never be over-brewed again!






One response

26 08 2009
Jason Witt

Seems pretty sophisticated but my concern is actually that there would never be enough settings on such a machine for someone who wanted to experiment with all the different teas out there and how demanding they can be.

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