Tea to-go Sticks

19 08 2009

Is it a stick? Is it a whisk? No. It’s the Tea to-go Stick, that uses a chasen as its main inspiration. This design is a contemporary interpretation of a tea bag and can be used both to infuse and stir.

These are made from water resistible paper, shaped like a chasen, giving them a more traditional Japanese look. The colorful papers indicate flavors of the tea bags inside. The infuser is pretty flexible allowing enough space for the brewing to occur. Designed by Jeeyun Michaella Chung.






3 responses

19 08 2009

Did you try these? What did they taste like

20 08 2009

No, I haven’t. I’m 99.9% sure they don’t exists as products for sale. This is just a design.

15 09 2009
Jason Witt

I like these for their all-natural appearance. Bamboo is really cool, in my opinion. It tends to be green and sustainable and it just seems everything can be made out of it. –Spirituality of Tea

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