A Private Tea Library

27 08 2009

We had the chance to review two of the Emeyu teas Organic Jasmine and Organic Pai Mu Tan and they have an overall good quality as wall as great appearance and design. One of the coolest tea gifts I’ve seen so far is the Tea Library, a selection of Emeyu teas that you pick yourself from about 30 different varieties. When you order 4 boxed teas they will be delivered in this “library shelf”. Additionally you can name your library to personalize it. Not only does this gift look fabulous and tasteful, but you also get quality tea inside. The boxes made of hard cardboard and they are very nice. I have one of them at home and although I never kept tea in it, because it’s not all that practical, I think the library would give you more of a reason to keep your teas in it. And of course it makes a great impression.





One response

15 09 2009
Jason Witt

This is a good idea for tea storage beyond just what this company offers. Space is an issue in many kitchens or pantries. Fortunately it’s not much of a problem for me but I still have several cupboard areas taken up by teas. I guess this shows that tea is a priority for me above all other food. –Spirituality of Tea

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