Obama in my cup

28 08 2009

Every now and then it’s nice and exciting to have something more then the usual swimming in your cup. Thanks to Donkey Products you will have the chance to invite famous politicians to your Tea Parties and share your cup of tea with them – literarily. Lay back and enjoy tea with Angela Merkel, Obama or your favorite member of the British Royal Family. If that wasn’t exciting enough, you could pop a hairy naked guy or a girl in a bikini in there as well.

DemocraTea, RoyalTea and StripTea are available to buy of the Donkey Products site in sets of 5. Enjoy!





3 responses

28 08 2009

Too funny, what a great party idea!

15 09 2009
Jason Witt

These are great for starting conversations. Definitely. But I’m afraid I’d have to talk about how they massacred Hillary Clinton in hers. They make her look terrible! I don’t know how they managed that. –Spirituality of Tea

24 09 2009

that’s not Hillary – thats Angela Merkel :P

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