Are you smarter then a coaster?

31 08 2009

I think humans have this chip installed, that allows them to logically figure out if their drink is hot or cold, or has been hot earlier, but now is cold. If you didn’t have this chip installed upon birth you may find the following information very useful. In The Hungry Scientist Handbook you can find instructions on how to make your own coaster that will tell you if your drink is hot or cold! Wow! They are called smart coasters and they light up red if you put a hot drink on them and blue for cold drinks. If you ever use coasters and have the time and energy to make one you will never again have to process information in order to figure out the temperature of your drink! Thank you Smart Coaster!





3 responses

2 09 2009

Ya know, I think I will just go with my own equiptment – hands, fingers, lips, tongue. They have been working pretty well.

15 09 2009
Jason Witt

This is a cool gadget but I must confess I couldn’t possibly go to the effort of making on myself. Perhaps one that glows different shades of color for different temperatures would be a good one for me. But I’d have to buy the thing. –Spirituality of Tea

24 09 2009

I think that someone who would actually be excited about making one could get a kick out of it, but ever using it, that’s a different story. If I wouldn’t go though the effort of making one the I wouldn’t buy what either…. cause what’s the point

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