Nilufer – a tea set inspired by water lilies

19 09 2009

This idea for a tea set was created to solve the problem of the spoon sliding into the middle of the saucer every time you pick up the cup. The chrome petals, inspired by ware lilies are there to prevent exactly that, but additionally the petals close around the glass when you put it on them. I find this concept to be somewhat interesting and even graceful, and at the same time useless and over-complicated. Not complicated in the way ‘gee, how am I supposed to use this?’, but more like ‘do I really need all this?’. Cleaning would be more of a problem, but also how many tea drinkers actually have the need for a spoon? The concept adapts the lily look quite well, but perhaps it’s more suitable for a design or teaware exhibition… Designed by Sait Alanyali





One response

13 10 2009
Jason Witt

I like it because the lily is a Western flower for tea, not an eastern one like the lotus. Does this really matter? No. But I like to see Western accoutrements for tea, like the sterling silver I’ve fallen in love with for teaware. The Chinese may have never really discovered the wonders of silver for their tea but the people of the West know. –Teaternity

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