Ask the T-Man

5 10 2009

So, the T-Man is a gadget designed by Jeewon Jung. It’s tea infuser that desperately hangs onto the edges of your cup, while your tea is brewing. By completely ignoring the practical aspects, I think we can say that T-Man is an innovative breath of fresh air and appreciate the wonders of modern design.






2 responses

13 10 2009
Jason Witt

I don’t think this would even necessarily be too impractical. Maybe it would but I like the looks of it. A little person filled with tea. I suppose it’s really a doll to play with while making tea. But it could be a hero doll and not just a baby for a girl. –Teaternity

9 11 2009
Lisa B

I’ve seen these before and a few other shapes as well. Unique and different!

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