Genmai Matcha Shaker

10 10 2009

Genmai Mtahca, in other words powdered Genmaicha with Matcha in a shaker bottle is an invention of Shizuoka Tea. The content of the powder is graound sencha leaves, roasted rice and matcha and it can be used to prepare hot and cold drinks, but also for baking, as a topping or desert ingredient. This could be revolutionary for true Genmaicha fanatics, as it will add that ‘popcorn tea’ feel to anything you will used it for. The shaker holds 30 grams (1.1 ounces) of powder, which yields in approx. 30 100ml servings.





One response

13 10 2009
Jason Witt

I’ve had the pleasure of tasting Genmaicha that has some Matcha in it and I’ve been greatly impressed. It has a creamy taste that I didn’t find in any of the cheaper rice tea varieties. I can only assume this is one quality tea due to my experience. –Teaternity

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