Tea Set from Dr. Frankenstein’s Lab

11 10 2009

When I saw this, I though “Wow! This must be one of the coolest tea sets I’ve seen thus far!” My first impression of the Dione Tea Set was that it’s something taken out of a dodgy lab, where a crazy scientist prepares his afternoon tea in-between experiments. It looks like a clash between the antique and the futuristic, as if stylized for a movie set in a completely different, fictional reality (like something out of Franklyn). Designed by Vuk Dragovic, this set features two spheric teacups and a pot. Each tea cup consists of two hemispheres separated by a net, that prevents the leaves from entering the hemisphere that you will drink from. Sounds complicated? Well… it is. Here is how to use it.

The teacup is made up of two hemispheres. Between the hemispheres is a thin net which prevents the tea leaves from entering the cup. While the aroma from the tea leaves is mixed with hot water, the cup is covered with the top hemisphere, preventing the aroma from evaporating into the air. After 3 minutes, when the tea leaves have released their flavor, the tea cup is ready to be flipped 180 degrees and the leaves will be separated from the tea.

With this set-up you can prepare the tea in the cups, just for yourself, or in the pot for more people. Dione will requite you to make quite a ritual of your tea-making routine, but it surely does leave quite an impression.





3 responses

13 10 2009
Jason Witt

Awesome find. Yes, this is a big conversation starter. I could see people having friends over for tea just to show off their wares with this contraption. It’s amazing what people have come up with to enhance their cuppa tea. –Teaternity

13 10 2009

Ha ha! I would totally wanna show this off, I’m sure people would be wondering what it is at first

It would even go well with antique interiors

9 11 2009
Lisa B

OHHH how modern and unique, no problem sitting these out for people to converse over!

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