Green Tea Crispy Rolls

7 11 2009

I found these Green Tea Flavored Crispy Rolls from Thailand in one of Stockholm’s asian markets and of course I was tempted to try. Having a generally bad experience with tea flavored products, I prepared for the worst.

These rolls have a vibrant yellow-green color and they are indeed crispy. When it comes to flavor they are very very milky, most likely due to the 50% coconut milk content and the taste is comparable to drinking a sweet matcha latte. Except for the coconut milk, crispy rolls also contain 20% tapioca flour, 15% brown sugar, 9% green tea plus egg and salt – all the good stuff.

By the 5th roll into my exciting venture I started becoming more comfortable with the new, unfamiliar taste and I can say that right then they were not bad at all. Unfortunately, every time I got back to them after a break, they were strange to me anew. To be completely honest, I don’t think I’d buy these again, and stick to the good old green tea chewy candies.






2 responses

9 11 2009
Lisa B

It seems like an interesting concept, I wonder how long until we get tea muffins and etc, with real tea infused!

10 11 2009

As far as I know such things already exist :) These are with real tea thouh, maybe not infused with it but the tea powder is one of the ingredients, in asia they have countless matcha products, it would be fun to try them all

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