100% Damn Fine Teas

8 12 2009

A new discovery – funky and hip like Pop Art is the limited edition Damn Fine Teas. And they are indeed limited editions, you can even track the amount that left on their website. These selections seem like a less uptight and more relaxed take on tea, with is both very pleasing and fun to see.

Currently offered teas are loose leaf blacks and greens and they come in cute, colorful, 55 g (2 oz) tins. Teas like ‘Jackee Muntz’ and ‘Thomas Sampson’ are some of the things you may find among the selection. I’d like to sit back and watch the brand becoming more strange with every new limited edition. The teas are guaranteed to be ‘100% Awesome’, so perhaps they are worth at least a look!




3 responses

8 12 2009

I don’t think the teas are as great as either their packaging or hype.

9 12 2009

I haven’t personally tried them, so I can’t say…

10 12 2009
Lisa B

I like the tins, How fun to have out on the shelf, I don’t know the teas, but since seeing the mixed reviews I’ll have to order some and do a taste test for my viewers also!

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