Tea in a Tube

11 12 2009
Here is a product that I wanted to write about for quite some time, but I was a little sceptical about the quality. Now when I finally have the chance to hold the product in my hands and see it for myself, I became more then pleasantly surprised and impressed.

is a brand which offeres their tea in brushed silver aluminum tubes. These are filled to the top with fragrant oolong tea from Taiwan. The teas in stock are only available in limited quantities, for a limited time – usually there is one tea available at a time, and the offer changes after a while. The tea is in fact gourmet, it’s very subtle and delicate and the leaves are tightly rolled into clumps that are even smaller then most oolongs.

If you like oolong tea or if you want to experiance something new, this is definatly the thing to try. The tubes are fabubous, they have a modern, clean design and they are perfect for refilling and travel, if you want to take a bit of your own tea with you. They are very light and won’t take up much of the oh so valuable kgs in your suitcase. These tea tubes make an elegant gift, especially for a guy. They have that whole masculine cigar feel going on. My three tubes arrived in an also elegant black cardboard box – I love the simplicity and the overall look and taste of this product.




4 responses

11 12 2009

Tea in travel size tubes is great. A smart alternative to pre-packing tea bags and storing in one container, where scents will mix.

11 12 2009

definately cool product.

12 12 2009
Lisa B

This product would be great for travel

17 12 2009

I have seen their website before, and I like this idea of putting tea in tubes.

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