Winter Book Vol I and II

12 12 2009

I wanted to feature this product mainly because I was excited about the idea of its look. There is good and bad news.

Good news – Whereas all Basilur Teas tend to look quite tacky, I think for Christmas a little tackiness won’t do any harm. This new Basilur Christmas Tea Winter Book collection comes in tins in the shape of books! And they are almost like fairy-tale books, with beautiful ornaments, golden accents, with a wintery landscape on the cover and they open like a real book. Inside, the tea is packaged in a bag that looks like pages of a book. There are two volumes available, both are Ceylon black teas. Volume I has additions of cornflower, papaya, jasmine and almond flavor. Volume II on the other hand is with papaya, safflower, marigold and sunflower.

For the bad news – these teas are really no good. They are of poor quality, but worst of all the aromas are quite repelling and not well composed. They are certainly drinkable, and the experience is like drinking regular black tea that has a somewhat strange smell, but they are by no means comparable to fine teas. If I had to choose between the two I would go for Volume II, because Volume I honestly smells like a tomato cake.

I have to admit though, that I absolutely love and adore the book packaging – it’s a great idea that could be taken even further.




8 responses

13 12 2009

Drat, some of the containers looked interesting, but not if the tea is bad.

13 12 2009

The tea is excellent. Teas from Sri Lanka are hand picked and generally appeal to tea connoisseurs with experienced palates. The packaging is beautiful – the teas are even better!

13 12 2009

Unfortunately I can’t agree with you, not every tea from Sri Lanka is good and certainly not every tea there is hand picked, have you tried these?

14 12 2009

I have to agree that not all hand-picked teas are good. Every step of the processing has to be done just right or you get stuff only fit for mulch. I have not tried these, so I can’t say about them, just in general. Also, some years, the tea is superb, some years, it’s no good.

14 12 2009

I tried 5 teas from Basilur by now, and they were average at best. Two of them had this tomato concentrate smell, which was really just awful. If you look passed the smell, the tea tastes like tea – but not great tea

15 12 2009

I have tried this line and I am very happy with it! All their teas are great! I have become Basilur’s regular customer and every time, when I have a sip, I am ejoying it!

16 12 2009
Lisa B

Interesting, it kind of reminds me of the tea products you find in the Wal-Mart christmas aisle :-)

28 12 2009

The idea of the packaging is great and looks really lovely but the taste of the tea is rubbish.

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