Tea or coffee? – You decide

20 12 2009

Yet another one of Naoto Fukasawa’s minimalistic designs, who has also designed products for the oh-so-beloved Muji in the past. This Coffee and Tea Maker can make up to 6 cups at a time! It takes 10 minutes for the water to pass though a double activated charcoal filter and the beverage to be done. The maker also has an automatic switch-off function which kicks in after an hour, letting you save some energy and the environment.

I can’t say much about how practical it is in reality, however you can clearly see that the design in a few years old. I’d like to draw some attention to the cup scale on the container – something I think is a very useful for most of us, but rarely seen on products. It makes it easy to see how much water you will need to prepare your tea. Tea AND Coffee Maker – one can argue, should you ever mix the two? I guess you would need to properly clean this device every time, if you choose to brew both beverages in it.

Available in Japan since 2007, where it received a Good Design Award, this handy gadget can now be bought in the UK as well, at the Design Museum Shop only for £149.




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22 12 2009

It’s a fun and clever idea, but it seems somewhat sacrilege. The tools and paraphernalia that go towards making a cup of tea are all part of the ritual, through which you passively express a sort of respect for the drink and tradition every time you make a cup of tea. It seems to cheapen the affair to succumb to this novelty, which seems to address a largely non-existant or non-urgent problem anyway…

23 12 2009
Lisa B

Oh it’s cute and modern… but I honestly love my tea with my stainless tea kettle and brewed through a tea bag. Yep, a tea bag. I brew mine stronger then dilute with ice and water… How fun!

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