Carcade Tea

9 01 2010

If you want to bring back a great gift from Egypt, that would be a bag of Carcade Tea. This is where Carcade Tea is a part of culture and some of the best quality grades can be found. So what is this mysterious Carcade Tea?

Hidden under the more popular name of hibiscus tea, Carcade Tea is an infusion of tropical flowers growing on shrubs called Hibiscus Sabdariffa. The most characteristic thing about this beverage is the blood-red color, which comes from the flowers that have a strong, deep-red appearance. For this reason crushed hibiscus flowers are often added to fruit infusions, especially berry infusions, to give the tea a more saturated color. They also has a very specific aroma, similar to to the smell of Vitamic C. The tea itself is rather sour with earthy undertones and is most often enjoyed with sugar. Its recommended to brew Carcade Tea for a minimum of 5 min. in warm (not hot) water and leaving it in for 10 min. will produce even better results. Preparing a cold carcade drink is a healthier option, because it doesn’t kill off all the good substances in it.

Egypt in not the only place where Carcade Tea is recognized for its thirst-quenching and refreshing qualities. In various areas of Africa hibiscus flowers are commonly sold at markets and in the Caribbean Christmas is celebrated with a drink called Sorrel, where the flowers are a crucial ingredient.

Carcade Tea comes in different quality grades, from crushed into very small pieces to full flowers. The larger the flowers, the better liquor they produce – the flavor is richer and has more dimension to it, but most importantly they retain their useful properties. This red tea is rich in vitamins and micro elements, especially Vitamin C and when drunk on a regular basis it helps with vitamin deficiencies. Other benefits are a stronger immune system and reduced cholesterol level. Carcade Tea can help you feel more energized and lower your stress.




3 responses

20 05 2010

I have drunk the tea and it tastes great. Would you tell me how it is grown? Thanks.

22 02 2011

how many times should we drink this tea for the real effect?

1 10 2014

I have drunk this tea and i feel good results. where we can purchase this carcade and how it is grown or bred? Thanks a lot.

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