Tea Candy Showdown

28 01 2010

The world of tea candy is a strange one, with its unfamiliar and undiscovered flavors. Sometimes these sweets fail to satisfy our taste buds, but every now and then, digging though the mountains of available matcha-stuff out there, you may find just that perfect gem, which will taste divine. As rare as it is in Europe, I managed to find some tea candy when passing though Warsaw and decided to do this showdown – Battle of the Tea Candy. Here is what I found, here are the contestants:

Kasugai Milk Matcha

This hard-candy has that characteristic flavor, surely familiar to all of you matcha ice cream enthusiasts. The combination of milk and matcha is hard to describe in words and trying it for the first time is an unexpected experience. These taste very sweet, a bit coconutty and they also have that hint of bitterness. I have to say I prefer these to matcha ice cream, but they are far from my favorite among these three. I do find the tea-picker lady on the package very cute though, I may buy this again just because of her.

Kasugai Oolong Tea Nodo Ame

Also a hard-candy product, the first one I’ve ever seen or tried with Oolong Tea extract. These are individually wrapped, semi-transparent rectangles and even do look quiet appetizing. They remind me a lot of Kopiko Coffee Candy, but when you put it in your mouth it kind of tastes like… Coca-Cola. Maybe not exactly, but that was my first impression. The flavor is minty, slightly medicinal, very sweet and nothing like matcha flavored things. If you really focus all your senses on that little rectangle you might just taste a hint of oolong tea. Trying this was interesting to say the least, generally I like it and it certainly ranks higher then the previous contestant.

Maison De Kukkia Matcha Choco Sand

After trying the Green Tea Crispy Rolls I thought that I’m never going to eat and matcha wafers or cookies ever again. But I prepared for the worst and dug in. These sweets are by far the biggest surprise for me, in a positive way. Between the very thin and crispy wafers there is a layer of matcha flavored creme. The cookies have a pleasant aroma of almonds and are delicate to eat. The flavor is balanced, not too sweet and you can hardly taste any bitterness in these. They were indeed an expensive treat, but I love them. It’s the first Japanese tea candy that doesn’t taste strange or makes me feel awkward. Along with Alpen Gold Like Green Tea Chocolate it makes it to the top of my “favorite tea candy list”.




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30 01 2010

The world of tea candy might seem strange for a westerner, but for asian person it is the most natural thing. Visit Taiwan and enjoy the sweet tastes of red beans, green beans, sesam seeds, hazel nuts, green tea, sweet pork and then they have all those fruits too.

30 01 2010

If this was directed at asian people it probably would have been written in an asian language,the article is clearly directed at westerners 

I’d love to try these, it’s such a shame these type of candies are so rare in Europe

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