Electric teapots with traditional elegance

28 02 2010

The Polish company Haen has come up with a series of electric kettles with inspiration from different places around the world. The ceramic kettles have classic tea pot shapes and they will appeal to those who look for modern appliances, with a retained traditional elegance. Below you can see Tokyo – a design that combines the traditional and modernistic Tokyo vibe, Barcelona – with an art deco feel and Amsterdam clearly inspired by traditional Dutch ceramics from Delft.

The electric kettles boil water to 100ºC and turn off automatically when done, or when you take them off the heating element. They also feature a water level indicator, cordless serving and a 70 cm long heating element cord. They are available in 3 sizes – 0,6 liters, 1 liter and 1,2 liters. The Plus sets also include four cups and a tea pot with a matching design.

I think these are a great idea, but you have to be extra careful with the kettle, since it’s ceramic. The only problem I have with these are the somewhat low quality design patterns – they could be better, more detailed and more tasteful. Right now these are available in stores around Poland and you can preview more models on the website.




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