Cup of Na’vi tea

7 03 2010

If you have tired hibiscus tea before, you know that when brewed, initially the water turns into a dark navy blue color and later becomes an intense crimson red. This isn’t too strange, is it? Recently I came across a mysterious tea from the Jatujak Market in Bangkok, Thailand. It is a herbal tea made up solely of dried water morning glory flowers.

I couldn’t believe my own eyes when I saw that after brewing the flowers the tea came out blue! And not just any blue, but a rather unnatural looking azure-like shade, much like the color of Na’vi people in James Cameron’s Avatar. Of course the longer you brew it the darker the shade becomes. Apart from the unique color its aroma or taste are not particularly attractive, unless you like a brew that smells like grill chips. The dry flowers have a very food-like aroma, it’s nothing like a floral, sweet scent that makes your nostrils dance.

The liquor doesn’t have much taste when you brew it for a short time, it feels thick and is like slightly salted water. You could compare it to a mild version of chrysanthemum tea. I found out that when you steep the flowers in water for a one-two weeks it will result in a mildly alcoholic wine with a very mild psychedelic effect! Adding herbs and honey will enhance the flavor. Seeds of the morning glory aka. heavenly blue can be made into a brew with more intense psychedelic effects. So BEWARE.

The picture below depicts the actual color of the liquor (no Photoshop action there) and some dried flowers. As a regular tea drinker and connoisseur I would say that apart from the beautiful color there is no extraordinary drinking experience here.




7 responses

15 03 2010

gotta love the color

22 10 2010
where do you get this tea?

I’m looking to buy this tea. Anyone know where to find it?

22 11 2010

Does anyone know where to get this tea?

17 10 2011

I bought this tea in Thailand, if you mix it with lime it changes color to purple

10 11 2011
Dan Nguyen

So my mom and i are drinking this tea right now but we had no idea what it was so i decided to search up “blue tea” haha. Any more info on it or any other sites? i can’t seem to find any

17 03 2012
Love GreenTea

Wow – what an interesting tea. It has a beautiful color. But I don’t like the idea of the initial taste. I’d be more interested in the two week old brew. Is it available in the United States

3 07 2013

We just got back from Bangkok, and my aunt would pluck the flowers daily and dry them outside. When she had around a half a cup of the dried flowers she would brew the tea for me. I’m hitting the store today to pick up seeds so I can start growing my own morning glories!

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