Ceremonie teas – candy for the eyes

14 03 2010

Would you sell yourself to the devil for a fancy selection of teas? I would, for these I would. These beautifully designed packages emphasize the ceremonial atmosphere surrounding tea and could be just a small taste of what’s inside. These luxurious babies are the products of Cérémonie Tea, a company that offers high quality tea blends and herbal infusion in silk tea bags.

If that’s not exciting enough here are some of the flavors – Ginger Peach, Wild Berry, Hindu Chai, Formosa Oolong, African Cocoa, Chamomile Flower, Earl Grey Lavender and and and…. Unfortunately their website is down and there is not much information about the availability of the teas, but we hope to hear about it more soon! If the quality lives up to the one of Tea Forte there could certainly be some competition arising. This is some marvelous eye candy!




One response

29 04 2010
sherri herring

I tasted the Hindu Chai Indian Tea with spices and would like to purchase some.
Where is this tea sold?

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