Great tea design ideas

20 06 2010

Completely by chance I came across this tea brand I have never seen before, and what captured my interest to check it out was a funky-looking silver tin. It has an unusual shape, it looks a bit industrial in my mind, yet it is graceful at the same time. Looking further into the brand’s offerings I discovered many interesting products.

Apart from the silver tin, While Lion teas are also offered in glass jars and plastic canisters, however the most fun of them all is the Gift Sachet Tin, which looks just like the tin below, except it is black and holds a photo frame, so you can personalize it with your own photos. Pretty neat aye?

Tea-wise the brand has much to offer – loose teas (including organic), silk sachets, blooming teas and even iced teas. Except for some classics, tea-names that captured my taste buds are Lemon Souffle, Raspberry Truffle and Pomegranate Oolong. I can not say whether they taste good or judge the quality, but you can check out more yourself here.




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